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Updated On:03/10/2022
Limited Tenders

Limited Tenders
Tenders/Enquiries Corrigendum
  • Construction of Dust Free Bituminous approach roa
  • Construction of Dust Free Bituminous approach roa
  • Repairing of approach road, Construction of Plint
  • Construction of Dust Free Bituminous approach roa
  • Construction of Dust Free Bituminous approach roa
  • Construction of Dust Free Road on the approach to
  • Hiring of service to design, fabricate install, ma
  • Hiring of Consultancy Services from Empanelled Con
  • Hiring the services of 04 (Four) units Surface P
  • Hiring of Third Party Inspection services (TPI)
  • Necessary repairing 0f industrial area drain at PS
  • Hiring of consultancy service from Empanelled cons
  • Appointment of GST Auditors for FY 2022-23 & F
  • Procurement of T-Shirts required for Vigilance Awa
  • Construction of RCC rain water drain in WHS- HWDH
  • Development of road near Makum well no 20 (approx.
  • Construction of 400 KL capacity Ground Water Tank
  • Construction of security barrack for placement of
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for Computer Hardware
  • Repairing & Recarpeting of Existing Road from
  • Providing services for misc. exterior Painting &am
  • Painting of Crude Oil tank at PS4, Sekoni and Pain
  • Repair Renovation of Tiny Tots school at PHQ Noonm
  • Miscellaneous Carpentry works at lndustrial and
  • Lottery Notification ::CDC1348L23 CDC1349L23CDC1345L23
  • Lottery Notification ::CDC1275L23 CDC1340L23CDC1266L23
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC1255L23 CDC1256L23CDC1253L23
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC0987L23 CDC1008L23CDC1004L23
  • Lottery Notification :CDC0772L23 CDC0774L23CDC0780L23
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC0547L23 CDC0533L23CDC0638L23
  • Lottery Notification ::CDC0629L23 CDC0636L23CDC0626L23
  • Lottery Notification::CDC9846L22 CDC9907L22CDC0004L22
  • Lottery Notification ::CDC9798L22 CDC9810L22CDC9745L22
  • Lottery Notification ::CDC9742L22 CDC9744L22CDC9735L22
  • Lottery Notification::CDC9436L22 CDC9436L22CDC9383L22
  • Lottery Notification:: CDC8506L22 CDC8507L22CDC8479L22
  • Lottery Notification ::CDC8480L22 CDC8481L22CDC8478L22
  • Lottery Notification::CDC8195L22 CDC8196L22CDC8194L22
  • Lottery Notification::CDC8192L22 CDC8193L22CDC8191L22
  • Lottery Notification::CDC8135L22 CDC8136L22CDC8106L22
  • Lottery Notification::CDC7709L22 CDC7710L22CDC7708L22
  • Lottery Notification::CDC7706L22 CDC7707L22CDC7705L22