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Updated On:26/03/2023
Technology Induction

Oil India Limited (OIL), a 'Navratna' Exploration & Production Company has been pioneering the use of new and advanced technologies & knowledge in its 'Exploration & Development' activities over the years. OIL in this continuous endeavour to induct state-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose technologies invites technology providers to submit new technologies encompassing all the domains of Hydrocarbon Exploration & Development

Key Areas

  • Geophysical Data Acquisition- Conventional & Unconventional
  • Processing and Interpretation
  • New E&P Software
  • Drilling  & Cementing Technology (Both HPHT & non HPHT)
  • Drilling mud, completion fluid, mud chemicals, lab equipment etc
  • Wireline Logging
  • Well Completion and Testing
  • EOR Technology
  • Internet of Things (in the field of Exploration & Drilling)
  • Exploration for Unconventional Hydrocarbon