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Updated On:14/09/2022

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The Evacuation and Cleaning of Tank Bottom Sludge is a crucial part of Major Overhauling and Inspection of Crude Oil Storage Tanks, for determining and improving the life span of the Tanks. The Robotic process is proposed to be introduced in this aforesaid operation as a technological advancement to reduce and mitigate the safety hazards associated with the Evacuation and Cleaning of Tank Bottom Sludge operation and to be carried out by indigenous vendor(s).

Current Status: The initiative is in its early stage where technical specifications for floating of Tender are being finalized by considering the inputs of the allied Departments.


OIL has been a part of Make in India since the inception of the company. Exploration and Production of oil and gas is a technology intensive business where a sizeable portion of the technology is imported. OIL in its effort to encourage domestic technology and services has not left any stone unturned to utilize the same for its business. Highlights of major capital projects are :

Pioneered Crude Oil Conditioning Plant

OIL pioneered Crude oil Conditioning Plant- the first of its kind in Asia. Indigenously built in 1963 is a demonstration of OIL's effort to innovate and develop technology for long distance pipeline transportation of waxy crude.

Indigenous make Drilling Rigs

OIL has been using 08 Nos. of BHEL make AC-SCR rigs for its exploration and development drilling. Commissioned in 1981 it reflects OIL's support towards Indian heavy manufacturing industry.

Indigenous make Workover Rigs

OIL commissioned 04 Nos. BHEL make Workover rigs in the mid 80's, the workover rigs are still in operation. This truly shows OIL's support for utilizing available domestic equipment for its production operations.

20 MW Captive Power Plant

A 20 MW gas turbine power plant was commissioned in Duliajan in the year 2014 for captive power generation. The gas turbine along with all other ancillaries are of indigenous make and shows OIL's commitment towards 'Make in India'.

Renewable Energy

OIL commissioned 150.3 MW of commercial wind power plants in Rajasthan, Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh and 14 MW solar power plant in Rajasthan. These power plants were installed and commissioned by Indian renewable energy companies.

Central Gas Gathering Station

OIL's Central Gas Gathering Station and off take Point was commissioned in 2014 with the objective to collect all the C2+ rich gas from the field production centres of OIL. It was constructed and commissioned by an Indian company.

Draw Works Test Bench

This is an unique success story where the Draw Works Test Bench was designed in-house with the available equipment thereby saving considerable amount to the company's exchequer. Indeed a true effort towards the 'Make in India' cause.

Crude Oil Tank Repair

Another notable example showcasing support for local entrepreneur and skill development is the crude oil tank repair carried out in OIL's central tank farm in Duliajan. Innovative method coupled with technical guidance provided by OIL was instrumental for successful completion of the base plate repair job of the crude oil tank by the small local entrepreneur.

Encouraging Domestic Service Providers

OIL encouraged services from domestic and brought them to the mainstream through competitive bidding process. Services from indigenous Indian companies are being hired regularly and many of them over the years have established themselves as reputed players in the Indian oil and gas sector.