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Updated On:09/12/2023
Limited Tenders

Limited Tenders
Tenders/Enquiries Corrigendum
  • Hiring of the services of 02 (Two) nos. of Surface
  • Extension, modification & renovation of existi
  • Repairing the ring road of Ushapur GCS (approx. le
  • Construction of 1.35km Dust free pucca road from K
  • Repairing & Renovation work at Kaziranga Club,
  • Repairing & Renovation work at Employee Guest
  • Tarfelting works to arrest roof leakage and repair
  • Repairing the ring road of Ushapur OCS (approx. le
  • Revamping of Bituminous road at the approach road
  • Construction of drilling location for water dispos
  • Construction of Brick Wall over the Retaining Wall
  • Re-Construction of road from Majgaon, Langkashi to
  • Construction of Dust Free road in the approach of
  • Land development by earth filling for Modular ETP
  • Development of an area in existing effluent pit wi
  • Construction of drilling location for water dispos
  • Repairing the entire concrete floor of Group area
  • Earth filling of the U shaped low laying area behi
  • Development of OGPL & P pipe yard near Madhuti
  • Construction of approach road, construction of pli
  • Construction of Shed (20m x 15m) over the newly in
  • Improvement of Existing ring road at Moran OCS-II
  • Spares for 24-point Electronic Cylinder Filling Ca
  • Lot. Notifi. ::CDC4421L24 CDC4423L24 CDC4424L24CDC4420L24
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC4077L24 CDC4178L24CDC4071L24
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC4412L24 CDC4417L24CDC4219L24
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC4212L24, CDC4216L24CDC4224L24
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC4188L24, CDC4189L24CDC4202L24
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC4063L24, CDC4072L24CDC4078L24
  • Lottery Notification :: CDC2890L23 CDC2891L23CDC2882L23
  • Lottery Notification ::CDC2184L23 CDC2188L23CDC2183L23