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Updated On:10/02/2021

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Human Resource Management at OIL is an integrated approach focusing on organization's faith to work with people and work through them to manage change and strive for continued excellence.


The experience and rigors of a century's existence of oilfield operations has bred a work culture without a parallel in the annals of oil companies. Growth, dynamism, adaptability and technological awareness has marked the existence of OIL, and today it is OIL's prized workforce whose unstinted dedication, dynamism and commitment has led the Company on to new frontiers of progress.


The Company works towards building positive employee-organization relationship through nurturing initiatives, innovations and aspirations with best HR practices and commitment. The HR policies and practices are always sensitive to employees needs towards building a professional working environment. The Company has an excellent record in maintaining good industrial relations since its inception. The strategy today is to build a cohesive and harmonious industrial relations climate through mutual cooperation, trust and integration of various unions in its fields and projects.


As on March 31, 2020, OIL has 6680 employees consisting of 1656 executives and 5024 unionised employees. Optimum development of Human Resources stands out to be the byword of the Company's objectives, concomitant with the country's globalization initiatives.


The Company lays great emphasis on continual learning, training and development. For this purpose, it has established two mega institutes at its Fields' Headquarters at Duliajan, Assam- The Management Training and Development Centre and the Employee Training and Development Centre which regularly conducts, amongst others, Level Based Customized General Management cum Leadership/ capability building programmes with reputed management institutes/faculty for different levels of officers as well as employees.


The Institute of Well Control Technology (IWCT) was set up in 2012 at the premises of Learning & Development Department, which provides world class technology, training and exposure to internal as well as external participants on “Rotary Drilling Well Control Course” and the “Well Intervention Pressure Control Course” as per International Well Control Forum (IWCF) certification syllabus by professionally trained and certified internal trainers.


Organization restructuring was done in the year 2016 which changed the Strategic Business Unit (SBU) structure of the Company to Asset Based structure.